Making SmartThings Smarter with cast-web-api

In this video we will go over how to add Google Home to Samsung SmartThings as smart devices so that SmartThings can actually make Google Speak. Setting up this capability is a big game changer for your home automation rules, and can really add another dimension to SmartThings.

Starting cast-web-api on boot:

You can use any of your favorite options to have programs start on boot for raspberry pi. To get cast-web-api to run on bootup I used systemd. There is a startup command you can run for cast-web-api but I was not able to get it to work.

You can use the below service file if you would like to use systemd:

Description=Start cast-web-api

ExecStart=/usr/bin/cast-web-api-cli start
ExecStop=/usr/bin/cast-web-api-cli stop


A great resource on using systemd on raspberry pi can be found here

cast-web-api resources:

How to install node.js:


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