In this video we will be taking a deeper look at pistons and how they function. We will also be going over the age old questions of “What is the difference between a trigger and a condition?”, as well as going over a few example pistons.

I’ll also cover when it makes sense to use a condition or a trigger and how you can use both within the same piston.

Check out the entire Getting to Know webCoRE Series here:

About the “Getting to Know webCoRE” Series: The series is intended to introduce you to webCoRE for SmartThings and provide examples on how to setup Home Automation in a highly customizable way. The series will include examples for different webCoRE pistons and ways to get pretty creative in automating your life. webCoRE is a great alternative for Stringify, Rules Engine, and Sharptools. Samsung SmartThings is a great alteranative for the Wink Hub. With this Wink Hub replacement, you can run smartapps that allow you to unlock the full potential of the SmartThings hub such as webCoRE.

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