In this post I will be talking about a product I am very excited for, the litter-robot 3 Connect.


I have tried out many different self cleaning litter boxes and while some work better than others, they all seem to fail sooner rather than later. From requiring special expensive litter, to having rakes that clog up and break there has always been something that goes wrong or makes the self cleaning litter box just not worth it.

The litter-robot 3 has its own drawbacks. The price tag is probably the largest detractor for getting this self cleaning litter box. At $499 the entry point is pretty steep, add on smart capabilities or additional accessories and the price goes up. The litter-robot 3 requires bags which increases maintenance cost, but luckily you can just use standard  10 to 13 gallon garbage bags. To install a waste bag, roll the edge of the bag 4 to 5 times and then place the bag over each of the 4 corner bag hooks. The litter-robot 3 also requires litter but can work standard clay clumping litter. Wood pellets and lightweight litter will not work with the litter-robot 3. I’ve personally had pretty decent luck with Purina Tidy Cats Unscented. Check out the links below for more information on compatible litter.

The last major disadvantage to the Litter-robot 3 is the size. At 29.5” high, 24.25” wide and a depth of 27” this bad boy will be roughly the size of a nightstand. Adding the ramp on will increase the depth all the way to 37.6”. The litter-robot 3 connect also weighs in  at 24 lbs. before litter. As you can see in the video and below, this is no small gadget.

With major disadvantages covered lets go over a few points of interest that are not major but I find to be worthwhile to mention:

  • The litter-robot 3 has an elevated entrance. If you have an older cat, or one that isn’t able to jump as well anymore the ramp may be required to for them to be able to use the litter box.
  • While the ramp, is a nice addition it feels a bit flimsy compared to the rest of the litter box.
  • The ramp does still has a pretty steep decline for getting out of the litter box
  • The litter fence is a nice add-on for kitties who love to dig, but makes getting in and out of the litter box that much more difficult. I took mine off after the first day as I saw no added benefit.
  • The ramp should really have rubber padding like the main landing does to add additional comfort and further litter catching capabilities
  • The power cord that is shipped with the litter box is very thin. My cat actually loves smaller gauge wires. It would be nice to have the power cord braided with some kind of protective cover to help save it or if the power adapter was a regular USB cable then any length and type of cable could be purchased separately.
  • The litter-robot 3 is recommended for cats over 5 lbs. If a kitten is below that, the weight sensor may not trigger to automatically run a clean cycle. You will have to manually trigger a clean cycle until it gains enough weight.

With the negatives out of the way, it’s time to cover over the many advantages to the litter-robot 3 connect.

Overall, installation and setup was pretty easy and straightforward. The litter-box comes fully assembled, you just simply pull it out of the box remove the shipping protectors, add litter, setup the waste bag and plug it in. If you order a bundle that includes the ramp, you will need to remove the rubber step pad from the litter-robot, place the ramp where the pad used to be and then place the rubber pad on the ramp. When it’s time to empty the waste bin, simply remove the ramp by lifting it up and then proceed with emptying the waste bin as you would without the ramp.

The litter-robot 3 feels very well built and sturdy. I did extensive research before deciding to purchase one and I kept finding reviews saying their original litter robots were running after 10 years. After getting my own and seeing the built quality, I am pretty confident myself that this thing will last for many years.

Next up is its ability to lower unused litter waste. With the way that the clean cycle runs only clumped cat litter and other cat waste will be disposed of. This leaves all clean litter to be reused for the next time. Remember that standard clay clumping litter will work. Wood pellets and lightweight litter will not work with the litter robot. I’ve personally had pretty decent luck with Purina Tidy Cats Unscented.

A built in Blue LED night light will help guide cats to the litter box at night or in low light situations. This is also helpful since the litter box itself is enclosed.

The connect model can be purchased at an additional cost that makes the litter box “smart”.


The connect adds the following additional features:

  • Smart app for monitoring the status of the litter box including historical information about litter box usage
  • Ability to remotely cycle the litter box
  • Ability to remotely change settings such as sleep timer or cycle wait timer
  • View waste bin level
  • Notifications for waste bin full
  • Notifications for when it’s time to add more litter

A good use case for the smart app functionality is the historical data. In cats, a UTI needs to be detected as soon as possible to help prevent it from being catastrophic. With the notifications you will be able to quickly detect if your pet starts using the litter box 3 – 5 times a day compared to maybe a typical 1 to 2 times a day. I’ve also found it very helpful to know when the waste bin is full so I can make sure to empty it. It’s also reassuring to know the litter box is cleaning appropriately.

And finally the biggest advantage of this self cleaning litter box is the fact that it takes care of cleaning the litter for you after ever use! This means your cat will have a clean litter box every single time they go to use it. This becomes even more noticeable for a multi-cat household. At first I did not fully understand just how awesome it was to not have to clean the litter box, but after the first few days I don’t know if I could ever go back.

There are a few other small advantages of the litter-robot 3 that should not be forgotten about. First there is a 90 day money back guarantee. If you do not like the litter box or your cat will not use it you are able to ship it back for money back, you just have to pay shipping. The litter robot also comes with an 18 month warranty which can be extended to 3 years. And finally for small advantages free shipping is included with your order when buying direct.

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