Still considering a robot vacuum? Check out my latest video comparing the iRobot i7+ vs the Roomba 980 cleaning abilities!

In this comparison video we will be taking a look at the new robot vacuum by iRobot the Roomba i7+ self-cleaning robot vacuum vs the 980 robot vacuum. The i7+ self-cleaning robot vacuum is the first vacuum by Roomba that includes the ability to empty itself out (into the clean base station). It is reported that the base station will hold 30 dust bins worth of dust and pet hair.

The iRobot vacuum Roomba i7 is a lot quieter compared to the iRobot Roomba 980, which is awesome for owners who have a lot of hardwood or carpet in their house.

Some users are reporting issues with their i7+ picking up pet hair properly off of carpets. For me, i have not had any issues on my medium pile rug with a medium length hair cat and all of her fur.

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