The Litter-Robot 4 Self-Cleaning, Wifi-Connected Litter Box is the latest from Whisker (The maker of Feeder-Robot and the Original Litter-Robot).

The Litter-Robot 4 starts at $649 and includes:
● Litter-Robot Fence
● WhiskerCare™ 1-Year Warranty
● 90-day In-Home Trial
● Free shipping*

The entryway to the LR4 is 15.75’’ x 15.75” and has a floor footprint of 22’’ x 27’’. This is similar to a standard litter box

How to Save On the Litter Robot 4

Use this link to save $25 on your purchase of the Litter Robot 4:

New features on the Litter-Robot 4

  • Super Quiet operation
  • Easy to understand notification panel
  • Built in Weight tracking: The all-new SmartScale™ lets you monitor kitty’s activity and weight through theapp.
  • High precision litter and waste bin level tracking
  • Support for upcoming accessories
  • Enhanced Pet Safety: The integrated SafeCat™ System continuously analyzes 4 zones to ensure kitty’s
  • safety.

How does Litter-Robot 4 compare to Litter-Robot 3 Connect?

Core features of Litter-Robot models have always included a patented sifting system, odor
management, multi-cat design, cat safety features, and easy-to-clean modular components. The
new Litter-Robot 4 advances these core features with the latest technology, including the optional
OdorTrap™ System to neutralize litter box odors and the SafeCat™ System with OmniSense™
Detection for enhanced safety and real-time tracking of waste and litter levels. Litter-Robot 4 also
features a whisper-quiet cleaning cycle, an enlarged waste drawer, and a wider opening to
maximize cat comfort.

Why is Litter-Robot the highest-rated self-cleaning litter box in the world?

We invest in engineering and American assembly operations to ensure that we deliver the best to
pet parents worldwide! With tens of thousands of reviews rating Litter-Robot five stars, cats and
cat parents alike love the product. Cat parents love that Litter-Robot reduces or even eliminates
litter box odors throughout their home, that they’re buying less litter thanks to the efficient clean cycle, and that they finally have freedom from scooping the litter box.

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