In this Getting to Know webCoRE Piston Example video, we will be taking a look at how to setup Device notifications on our phone in the event of battery powered smart device has low battery or if a smart home device is being reported offline from your smart hub. This will help make sure that you keep all of the sensors that run your home automation routines always running. This piston example can be used with webCoRE running on either Samsung SmartThings or Hubitat Smart Home Hubs.

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Low Battery Push Message:
“There are {count(Low_Battery_Devices)} device(s) that have low battery. Replace batteries in: {replace(Low_Battery_List, “, “, ” “)}. They are sad :(”

Offline Devices Push Message:
“There are {count(Offline_Devices)} device(s) that are offline. Please fix: {replace(Offline_Device_List, “, “, ” “)}. They are missing :(”

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