I’ve had a few Silicon Skins for my Nest Outdoor Cameras that Wasserstein has sent me to try out and I’ve had them installed over the last month and this is my review of them thus far.

Installation is very straightforward and easy to accomplish. Keep in mind you do have to insert the camera cable through the opening on the cover. So if you are like me and have any cameras that are more permanently installed this cover will not work out of the box. I recommend just installing the silicon cover prior to installing the outdoor camera and this concern goes away. The cover also comes with a magnet cover which is great if you are using the cover to help conceal the camera.

The silicone skin comes in multiple different color options and even has a camouflage option. There is also a multi-pack available for some of the colors.

The material used is very thick which makes it seem like it will last a very long time, but not too stiff to make it difficult to install.

One of the silicone covers has been sitting in the sun for 5+ hours a day and has gone through several severe storms including heavy rain, hail, and high wind with no discoloration of the skin at this time.

Even with the skin on the Nest Outdoor Camera, the magnet mount does not appear to be impacted as none of my cameras with a skin on have moved even with high wind events. The most recent wind speeds I have recorded with the cover on was 40.5 MPH during a strong wind storm that knocked over a tree.

Overall the silicone covers are a great way to help conceal your nest cameras and are made out of a material that seems capable of surviving the harsh elements without impacting the ability for the camera to use the magnetic mount.

Looking to buy?
Through Wasserstein: https://wasserstein-home.com/products/b01ncqs3gu
Through Amazon: https://amzn.to/2HjeA5w

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