In this video we will be taking a deep look at how webCoRE uses and handles variables. We will go over the several different variable types that webCoRE supports, along with the different scopes that a variable can be assigned to. Throughout the video we will be creating and going over several webCoRE pistons that demonstrate how variables work and how to use them. Adding variables to webCoRE pistons can add additional flexibility and complexity to your smarthome automations.

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2 thoughts on “Getting to Know webCoRE – Variables (What are they & how to use them)”
  1. Will you be doing any videos on how to receive all information from a (yale lock) ie code/user et all. To be manipulated and processed in a piston or groovy?

    1. Unfortunately I do not have one currently to test out, but I was considering a smart kwikset smartlock that would be similar I believe.

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