I’ve been using a couple products from Wasserstein for the last several weeks that have made my experience with the Google Nest Hub Max more enjoyable.

In particular they sent me out a Adjustable Stand for the Google Nest Hub Max and camera slider covers to cover the camera on the Google Nest Hub Max.

The camera slider cover does not block the camera, Ambient sensor, and LED status light of the Google Nest Hub Max when opened, and will only block the camera when closed. Just like any other camera security cover, installation is very easy by cleaning the surface with a cloth and sticking it to the face of the Google Nest Hub.

Camera Open

The slider is very easy to open and close with a single finger and the adhesive is strong enough to not move when being slid.

Camera Closed

With the slider closed the camera is completely blocked and you are able to see the status light still. Do remember that the microphone is still accessible even when the camera is covered.

View of the camera when covered

The camera cover looks great and functions well. I do wish it was color matched to the face of the Google Nest Hub Max though, as it would then blend in.

The stand comes in two different colors to better fit in with whichever color Nest Hub Max you own. It also has a nice weight to it which makes it feel sturdy. The base of the stand has cable management built in to help store some of your cable.

Bottom of Base

You’ll also notice that there are 4 rubber feet on the bottom to help make sure it doesn’t slide. I found the feet to be very helpful on a kitchen counter. Make sure to remove the plastic protectors on them. The two top ones are shinny because I did not remove the protectors yet like I did for the bottom two.

The hub fits snugly in the stand and doesn’t really feel like its going to fall out. A great added benefit for the stand is that if any liquid spills around the hub, the hub will not be ruined.

The stand can be tilted forward, backwards, and rotated left or right. This is great if you are in a multi-person house where people are different heights.

Google Nest Hub Max Tilted Level

The ability to tilt the hub back and forth also make the built in Nest Cam actually usable. Without the stand the Nest Hub Max is angled upwards which makes the coverage for the camera less then ideal. In the stand you can tilt it forward to make it usable.

Google Nest Hub Max Tilted Backwards

After several weeks of daily use with multiple adjustments due to different uses the stand is still easily manipulated and holds where you leave it without any give when being let go. One thing I would like to see changed with the stand is the base to have more room for more cable management. I have my Hub near the outlet so I have a lot of extra cable left.

Looking to buy?
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Nest Hub Max Camera Slider Through Amazon: Link Here

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