Aukey PA-Y19 30W USB C Wall Charger with Power Delivery is a compact wall charger great for travel. Aukey claims to be able to charge the following devices at maximum speeds:

The PA-Y19 features:

  • 30w USB-C Power Delivery
  • Super compact size
  • Foldable power prong
  • Two Color Options (Black or White)

The following power profiles are supported:

  • 5v / 3a
  • 9v / 3a
  • 12v / 2.5a
  • 15v / 2a
  • 20v / 1.5a

My testing for this wall charger included testing against multiple different devices to see if they would charge at the maximum wattage for that device as well as stress test to see how well the charger handles extended periods of power draw at maximum rated wattage.

The charger is plugged into a killowatt P3 to determine wattage draw and shows that there is no record-able vampire power draw from the charger.

First test is on the Pixel 3 which reports maximum charging capability for the phone (18w) with minimal waste.

Next up is the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, which always charges at 2.5W as it does not support fast charging.

Then I tested charging the Nintendo switch. The switch has always been a bit picky with its power sources but it did pull 15w at times, but normally stayed around 13.5w.

Plugging the 2018 15″ MacBook Pro resulted in the full 30w being pulled and will be the basis for my extended testing. Throughout all extended testing 30w was constantly pulled by the MacBook.

After 30 minutes of charging the MacBook at the full 30w the side of the charger was coming in at a reading of 138.3 degrees Fahrenheit and the top was recorded at 145.3 degrees Fahrenheit.

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